Scholarship Program Reimagined: Professional Certificate in Dance and Certificate of Study in Dance.

Beginning August 2019, The Dance Fund/EDGEPAC scholarshp program will become two new Certificate programs at Academy at EDGE, EDGE Performing Arts Center's newest venture. Now EDGEPAC is part professional studio and part professional SCHOOL. Introducing three Certificate programs that award educational credit and a Certificate that graduates may be able to transfer to another institution.

Inspired by EDGEPAC's renowned scholarship program, our professional dance and career training taken to a new level in a 36-week and 12-week format. Multiple dance styles and Pro-Modules covering topics specific to professional dance.

A 12-week program that provides participants with greater flexibity in choosing courses and begins each month.

Graduates can audition for an optional 6-week Summer Performance Session (June-July). No additional tuition fee.

The Academy at EDGE is awarding $500-$5000 tuition scholarships by video and live audition (May, June).
The Dance Fund will offer tuition scholarships in the future. Details to come.

2019-2020 school year begins August 19, 2019
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Applications and video demonstrations are reviewed in ten days.

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The Academy at EDGE is licensed to operate as an educational institution by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education


This opportunity is for serious dancers who are able to commit up to 36 hours per week (36-plus hours during rehearsals and performances) to study at the world renowned EDGE Performing Arts Center for one year. Scholarship is for dancers whose schedule is flexible allowing them time to take class from a wide range of participating EDGE teachers. It’s for dancers who are passionate, dedicated and ready for the challenge.

Selected by audition, up to twenty dancers are chosen to receive this one-year scholarship. Weekly, it includes up to 18 classes from edgepac's open-schedule, three 2-hour dance and professional development workshops and five hours of apprenticeship. It also includes the opportunity to rehearse and perform in our annual show. The program is guided by the Directors, with expert advice from the teachers.

Professional development workshops include dance, choreography, acting improvisation, audition technique, preparing an audition song, trade discussions and other know-how. Special opportunities include taking headshots, becoming acquainted with dance agencies and being showcased in our annual show. Past participants have had the opportunity to gain additional performance experience in film, video and live productions. Workshops may be open to other premium membership.

EDGE is the host for this amazing opportunity that’s presented by The Dance Fund. Created by Randy Allaire and Bill Prudich in 1988, some 540 dancers are among a select group who has shared in this opportunity. Participants include Laney Filuk, Lisa Coppola-Lindholm, Gil Duldulao, Shawnette Heard, Bobby Newbeey, Tracy Phillips, Becca Sweitzer, adam Parson, Malaya, Nancy Anderson, Liana Blackburn, Khasan Brailsford, Hannah Douglass, Kelli erdmann, KC Monnie, Jasmine Perri, Brittany Russell, Michael Stein, Dani Vitale, Charlie Williams and many others. Allaire and Prudich continue to direct the program working closely with the participants.

This opportunity is part of EDGEPAC studio. It is not part of a postsecondary school, accredited, vocational or part of a curriculum. It is not graded and does not issue academic credit, certificate, degree associated with an academic or vocational school. It does not guarantee professional representation or employment.

*Participants are not guaranteed to be cast in one or all numbers is the show. Audition required for each choreographer. There is no compensation.



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Producing and sponsoring shows allows The Dance Fund to capture and subsequently present the artistic vibrancy being cultivated through its scholarship Program and Professional Development Workshops. 

The Dance Fund will hold performances throughout the year at small to mid-sized venues throughout Los Angeles. 

Currently, The Dance Fund produces its annual show at Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, and is planning on producing additional shows throughout the year.  The Dance Fund will utilize close-by Theatre Row in the Hollywood Media Arts District to potentially present those additional show.

The Dance Fund will provide fiscal sponsorship of emerging choreographers, dance companies, and their dancers while guiding them through the process of producing their own shows. The shows that will come to life out of The Performance Project will serve to foster the professional development of choreographers who are molding their emerging dance companies, and will provide artistically vibrant performing arts experiences for audience goers in the Hollywood area and beyond.

Learn more about our up-coming show June 2 & 3, 2016 ENVISAGE.


The Dance Fund will hold various professional development programs not generally available to dance and performance students.  The programs will include one-day to one-wee long workshops, mentoring programs, and opportunities for hands-on experience.  These professional development workshops will be targeted and designed for dancers and choreographers seeking to gain experience and expertise in teaching, directing, program design and staging.  By combining education with performance and production, The Dance Fund provides the opportunities for emerging professionals to gain real life experience and mentorship within their chosen profession, while accomplishing positive learning goals that can benefit themselves and others.


Natinal Dance Week 2016



The Dance Fund partners with Hollywood Police Activities League to provide a series of dance workshops to at-risk youth different times throughout the year.  We are currently cultivating a relationship with the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood and plan to jointly develop a dance program for BGCH participants.

Thanks to the Dance Fund at EDGE, Hollywood PAL kids received the opportunity to take an 8-week Hip Hop Dance Class at Edge Studio. 40 kids participated, learning new dances each week.  


The Dance Fund may at some time provide grants to independent dance companies and emerging artists for the advancement of their performance projects.

The organization may also provide grants to individuals that would go directly to support their continued training in dance and the performing arts; the grants would go towards tuition only.  The award amount is determined on an individual basis after an extensive review process by The Dance Fund board.


Resource Preservation will aid in preserving and archiving film-based and digital dance footage.   The program will provide web-based education and performance resources and references.  In the future, the department will continue connecting local and national organizations and later obtain a collection of resources and references for a physical library or center.



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