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Tonight's show is a fundraiser for The Dance Fund's Performance Project whose purpose is to provide guidance and fiscal sponsorship of emerging choreographers, dance companies and their dancers.  Tonight's program will present these exciting new works:

Highly Flammable - Matt Cady Dance Company (Matt Cady)

Adapted from Ray Bradbury's Farenheit 451 about a world where Firemen burn books and anyone who endorses them.  This work is a visual mosaic told through the dynamic movement of Matt Cady.

More about Matt

PEEL - Entity Contemporary Dance (Will Johnston + Marissa Osato)

The chase for purity becomes an obsession.  In this pursuit we peel the layers we no longer call our own.  We peel.  Till nothing is left but debris of what we once were.

Entity Website 

FLUX - Royal Flux Dance (Jaci Royal)

A 30 minute journey through the different textures of Flux movement, pushing the boundaries of dance and athleticism.  Prepare to immerse yourself into a sensory stimulating, artistically fulfilling experience sure to leave you wanting more.

Royal Flux on Facebook 

There will be two intermissions.

Thank You to our SPONSORS

EDGE Performing Arts Center
4Wall Entertainment




Tickets are $28, $33 and $38

Available on-line at: itsmyseat.com/thedancefund

Assigned seating.

Additional ticket service fees apply.



Sponsoring and producing shows allows The Dance Fund to capture and subsequently present the artistic vibrancy being cultivated through its scholarship Program and Professional Development Workshops. 

The Dance Fund will hold peformances throughout the year at small to mid-sized venues throughout Los Angeles. 

Currently, The Dance Fund produces its annual show at Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, and is planning on producing additional shows throughout the year.  The Dance Fund will utilize close-by Theatre Row in the Hollywood Media Arts District to potentially present those additional show.

The Dance Fund will provide fiscal sponsorship of emerging choreographers, dance companies, and their dancers while guiding them through the process of producing their own shows. The shows that will come to life out of The Performance Project will serve to foster the professional development of choreographers who are molding their emerging dance companies, and will provide artistically vibrant performing arts experiences for audience goers in the Hollywood area and beyond.


The Dance Fund is a nonprofit organization the supports the scholarship program at EDGE.  In addition to the scholarship program, The Dance Fund provides services such as Professional Development Workshops, Community Engagement events, The Performance Project, funding, scholarship and Resource Preservation for the Los Angeles dance and nearby communities.  Your donation of $5, $10 or more will help support The Dance Fund in its efforts to provide exceptional services for our community.



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